How to Wear: Moto Leggings

This year’s hot fall trend is none other than the moto leggings. They are cool, edgy, and add some spice to that autumn wardrobe. I recently bought a pair of Spanx moto leggings, but haven’t found just the right thing to wear them with yet. I know others are facing trouble too so I thought I could share some of my favorite outfits.

1. Layer Layer Layer

No surprise that this fall staple is best worn with layers. Adding different cuts, lengths, and styles helps keep you warm and keep you stylish.




2. All Black + Pop of White

We all know that black goes with everything, but an outfit can be so boring without a little pop of color. To keep these leggings looking sleek and simple, add a white tee or blouse underneath a black jacket.


3. Dress It Down

Some leggings can be a little flashy for running errands or lounging around the house. Pair them with white sneakers and a jean jacket to dress them down for that #modeloffduty look.

Final rgb; 2017-09_September Book_041241

5. Glammed Out

Don’t be afraid to show these leggings off- nothing is more glam than leather leggings and a pair of heels. Try it out next Saturday for a night out with the girls where you’ll look cool and stay comfy.




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