Sneak a Peek

@areyouami via instagram

This year’s daring trend- open shirts revealing lacey details and flashing some skin. Scandalous, edgy, or a social statement? The choice is yours, but whatever you decide you can’t deny its catching on fast. My favorite way to wear this look is a low cut v-neck with a peek of a cute lacey black bra. Bras aren’t cheap, so why not show it off?

Although the trend seems new to this generation, lingerie made its break in the fashion world back in the 80’s. Starting with glam icons like Madonna, then moving through the decade to Gwen Stefani, and landing with Rihanna in 2007. More on the history of the peek-a-boo look, click here to read Vogue’s article on the trend throughout decades.

Kendall Jenner at Golf 2016 Fashion Show
Found on
Kendall Jenner
“How to Tastefully Show Off Your Lacey Bra” on



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