Fun, Fresh, and Overall Stylish

This summer trend too hot to escape? The classic overall. Although this throwback trend has bounced back for the last few seasons, I expected it to fade like the old denim its made of. To my surprise, it has seemed to grow rapidly– everywhere I turn there is a pair of overalls. I can’t help but envy the bold and creative outfits featuring edgy rips, corduroy fabrics, delicate embroidery, and playful shorts that I seem to find everywhere I go. These are the most stylish and rebellious ways to wear overalls in summer ’17.

1. The Classic Tee

Sometimes the simplest pieces look the most chic, and with a statement piece like washed denim overalls a clean black t-shirt is all you need.


2. Vintage Throwback

As we all probably noticed by now, the 70’s hues and prints are the hottest decade trend at the moment. Don’t be afraid to get a little groovy by layering a chunky sweater under some brown corduroy pant overalls.




3. Sexy Sheer

Glam up a pair of ripped overalls with a tight sheer shirt and a cute bralette.




4. Chic & Cozy

Throwing a light cardigan and fun jewelry always adds a level of chicness to your  that will also keep you warm transitioning into fall.


5. Off the Shoulder Show-Off

Cool off long panted overalls with another hot trend- off the shoulder tops.


6.  Boho Bliss

Add a loose button-up and tousled waves to give your outfit a relaxed and unique twist. You’ll make getting dressed in the morning look like a breeze.




2017 Golden Globes Red Carpet Trends

Gold & Silver

The red carpet is always about sparkle and shine, but this year’s actresses brought it to a new level. Many appeared in head-to-toe shades of golds and silvers knowing just how to turn heads in the spotlight.

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Open Chest Dress

A huge trend we have been seeing on the award show red carpet for years has been the plunging neckline. Each year celebrities have been a little more bold with this trend, but this might be the year for the farthest they can go.

Spring Fantasy

With spring just around the corner, these celebrities have paved the way with pretty pastels and delicate appliqué details and a touch of drama. Some key elements of the trend are light and sheer fabrics, tight busts, and a long silhouette. Get ready for some spring flowers, because this trend has just bloomed.

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Bold & Bright

Celebrities are always looking for ways to be inventive on the red carpet, and this year we saw some simple fabrics with bright colors that packed a bunch. Out with the classic reds and in with the hot pinks and vivid yellows.

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Billowing Gowns

Several stars appeared on the red carpet with gowns that made a big (and poofy) statement. This trend plays on the traditional ball gown but with an exciting modern twist, such as a high-low cut like Janelle Monae or a deep neckline like Zendaya.

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Latest Style Obsession: Farrah Fawcett

The flawless hair, the beautiful smile, the supermodel figure- the 70’s would not have been the same without Fawcett. She was an angel on the screen and cool on the street. Farrah was the inspiration for most fashions during the hippie loving decade and lately it seems like the fashion world now! These past few seasons we’ve seen a flood of 70’s inspiration which led me to this collection of favorite Fawcett style moments.

Right down to the bell bottoms, her style communicates a mix of fun, sexy, and a touch of attitude. Granted, with gold locks like that who needs anything but jeans and a t-shirt?




Hot colors sprinkled with tints that make you want to stop and smell the flowers. Delicate yet bold this trend emphasizes the natural shapes of nature and leading the eye throughout the scene. An important piece to this trend is the closeness and clustered shapes, creating a cluster of hues and shades. A perfect way to warm up to spring.
Note:  Although not added to the color palette, it is important the flowers lay against a grey or dark background. 

Bright Blueberry

Bright Blueberry
This mood board communicates the natural mystery of the color blue, playing off its bright highlights and deep shadows. Different from the vibrant blue often seen when looking at the color blueberry, this Bright Blueberry focuses on the bright light blue when shining against the dark shaded blue. Although blue is the center color, mixes of purple is often seen as a transition color within the palette.

Turquoise Views

Turquoise Views


A mix of misty greens and pastels, turquoise gives an underlying shine which pulls simple designs into the modern world. It is often accompanied by neutrals and straight lines, but for this mood board it is important it holds a stream-like fluidity. It has a washed-out look that holds an antique atmosphere.